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Internship/ Industrial Training
Contents and Duration & Fee
6 Weeks Mobile App Development Module
(6 hrs Theory + Practical per week): Corse Fee 18000/-
    0 PHP MySQL
  • 01courseIntroduction
  • 02Getting Started with PHP/MySQL
  • 03Form and Databases Fundamentals
  • 04Ajax & JSON
  • 05CRUD using JSON
  • 06Remote access via Android/ iOS
    1course overview
  • 01courseIntroduction
  • 02Getting Started with NativeScript
  • 03howNativescriptWorks/ 03 NativeScript Fundamentals
  • 04nativescriptResources
  • 05RPSconferenceRef
  • 06courseOutline
    2configuring environment
  • 01introduction
  • 02installatioMaterial
  • 03demo-installation-iOS
  • 04demoRunning-inst-depend
  • 05demoRunning-inst-homebrew
  • 06demoNativescriptCLI
  • 07demoVisualStudio
  • 08demoVisualStudioCleanCode
  • 09summary
    3core concepts
  • 01introduction
  • 02the-commands
  • 03Creating-the-skelaton
  • 04Using-typescript
  • 05Defining-Page
  • 06Demo-Setting-up-Our-app
  • 07MVVM-Pattrn
  • 08Nativscript-with-angular
  • 09Power-Features
  • 10Debugging-Option
  • 11Demo_Debugging-Our-App
  • 12summary
    4UI Basics
  • 01introduction
  • 02Component-Hierarchy
  • 03app-Struction
  • 04Layout-Type
  • 05Other-Container-Components
  • 06Demo-Reading-The-File-System
  • 06Widget-Abstration
  • 07Property-Binding-and-Expression
  • 08CSS-Styling
  • 08Guesture
  • 09Demo-Layout-Widget-Binding
  • 10Modal-MainView-Modal
  • 11Guestures-Expression-and-SessionViewModal
  • 12Summary
    5Working with data/ RSS Reader Project In NativeScript
  • 01Introduction
  • 02GenratingMockData
  • 03Demo Moking Data
  • 04Demo-Mock-Data-Session-Details
  • 05ReadingFileSystem
  • 07Fetching-Remort-Data
  • 08Demo-FeatchingSession-Via-http
  • 09Stroring-Local-User
  • 10Reading-and-Storing-favorite
  • 11Summary
  • 12Demo-Reading-File-System
  • 01Introduction
  • 02Key-Navigation-Entities
  • 03Demo-Using-Fram-Module
  • 04Navigation-History
  • 05Demo-Navigation-Back
  • 06Passing-Context
  • 07Navigating-With-Context
  • 08Segmented-Bar
  • 09Demo Filtring Session List
  • 10Side-Drawer-Navigation
  • 11Demo-Adding-Side-Drawer
  • 12DemoNavigationByFunction
  • 13navigationTransition
  • 14Demo-navigationTransation
  • 15otherTrasantionOption
  • 16summary

To be true partner and become stakeholder in delivering cutting-edge technologies to our client. Developing incubation centre having conducive environment and providing sustainable competitive advantage to fresh talents. To disseminate easy to use solutions to end user, work through a path of innovations and continual improvement ensuring complete customer satisfaction with generosity and honesty.

Our mission is to provide affordable services to your satisfaction level. All deliverable include end-to-end quality assurance and testing. Individuals/ company interested in outsourcing their web design and web application development needs can hire us. Keeping long-term business relationships by providing cost effective services with competitive advantage and cutting edge technology.

We analyze our clients requirements by observing their in-depth IT need and away the overhead and tailor the turnkey solution. We have tie up with state-of-the-art infrastructure and Internet Data Centre run by highly experienced professionals. We believe in good planning, hard working, work transparency and communication.

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Experienced Team

We are small team with large experience

Latest Technology

We select trending technology with greater community support

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With in depth project analysis our support extends till implementation

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Adoption of open source technology and Industry best practices